Can Your Background Affect Your Ability to Get Work?

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As many people already know, trying to find work in the current climate can be difficult. With the employment markets having experienced various issues, many companies are now turning to things such as short term or zero hour contracts, which means that job security has become increasingly difficult to find.

For those with little experience or with issues when it comes to their backgrounds, this is something that can pose a big problem. If you have serious criminal convictions in the past, this can be particularly damaging. Employers these days can look into your background with ease and can do everything from find out about minor charges through to find sex offenders online, which means that you cannot keep your criminal history a secret.

How can your background impact on getting work?

 There are many ways in which your background can impact on your ability to get a job. There are plenty of jobs where a background check may not be required or the issues may not cause a problem. However, you will find that these are often jobs that come with little responsibility, limited chances of progression, and lower pay. If you are looking to get into a good, solid, long term career in a job with good pay and good prospects, having problems such as a serious criminal record could make life very difficult.

It is not just your criminal past that can play a part in your ability to get work. Often, your employment history can have a negative impact. If you have a solid employment history with no unexplained gaps between jobs and valid reasons for leaving, you should be fine. However, if you have issues such as having been fired or under investigation when you left, long periods without employment for no apparent reason, or other issues, this could make it difficult to get a job. Of course, potential employers do generally request references from past employers but if there was an issue then this could come to light in the reference and some past employers may even refuse to give a reference, which never looks good.

It is worth bearing in mind that there are certain jobs and careers that will be more affected by issues in your past than others. If you want to build a career in an area of responsibility or you are interested in working with certain groups such as those with disabilities or children, your background will play a big part in your ability to get work. This is because employers have to be extremely careful to carry out thorough checks for certain job roles and industries, and any issues will be taken very seriously when it comes to making a decision.

Some people try to get around these issues by simply failing to mention any issues that they believe will have an impact. However, this is something that you should avoid doing because employers can get this type of information with ease and because, of course, it’s unethical. Be up front, show that you’ve changed, and work towards moving beyond your history.

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