Traits of Top Coaches that Are Useful in Business

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Running a business and a team isn’t that different. You are in charge of a group of people who aspire to work together and accomplish a common set of goals. In many ways, business owners and managers are like coaches themselves. As a business owner, it is also your job to bring out the best in your team members.

There are a lot of positive traits and skills of top coaches that you can apply in business. We’ve spoken to several coaches and students from the Ohio University masters in coaching education course to learn more about how you can be a better business owner by being a better coach.

Plan Ahead

Planning is at the top of our list of important coaching skills you can implement in business. There is no doubt that the best coaches are great planners. They don’t just see short-term tactics; they plan two or three moves ahead and anticipate what the opposing team will do in response.

In business, especially in today’s competitive market, planning is everything. You can anticipate more risks and have multiple contingencies when you know how to plan ahead effectively. Careful planning also allows your business to be more agile, mainly because you can make quick decisions when they count.

Be Open to Criticism

A great coach needs to be the top figure in his or her team, but that doesn’t mean that figure is always right. Being open to criticism and knowing how to utilize positive inputs from various sources are among the traits you can always find in top coaches.

Of course, being open to criticism is also a mark of a great leader in business. You can’t always know – and be right about – everything. Sometimes, you have to rely on the input of your team members and insights from other sources to make the right call.

Always Be Learning

To stay agile and to know exactly how to react to different challenges isn’t easy and constant learning is important. Top coaches are great observers and learners. They see a situation and learn so much from it in a very short time.

In business, this too is an invaluable trait to have. The willingness to learn is a huge plus. The market is changing rapidly, so you have to keep up with the latest changes to stay ahead and maintain your role as a great business owner or leader.

Even students pursuing their master’s in coaching at Ohio University are constantly reminded to continue learning. Thanks to the internet and the many resource centers you can access today, learning new things is also very easy to do.

Be a Role Model

At the end of the day, being a role model is a coach’s most important duty. Team members must be able to look up to their coach and learn a lot from the person. Being a role model is also the role of a good business owner and manager. When you continue to set great examples for your team members, no challenge is too big to overcome.

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