3 Ways that the Most Productive Software Teams Use Dry Erase Walls

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In this day and age, the world has been held hostage by software applications. They have actually made people out to be more efficient. On the other hand, software developers can’t do without dry erase walls. This is because they use them to build on their ideas. Dry erase walls are far much better than white boards. You only need to apply special paint on your walls to transform them into a whiteboard. Traditional white boards are not convenient because they have to be carried around when moving from one room to another. Below are three ways that programmers are using these dry erase walls to enhance their productivity.

1. Brainstorming Sessions

Software development teams are made up of several individuals. For an app to be created successfully, all the members must first share their ideas. This is because people view things differently. There are times when a program refuses to function due to some unseen errors. In such a case, the programmers have to brainstorm in order to get a lasting solution. And since software codes are very lengthy and complex, it helps to have a ready dry erase wall anywhere in the room.

A white board is not ideal for software developers because it has small space. With a white wall, programmers can consult each other anytime, anywhere without having to wait until they go into a board room. The ideas of each developer can be documented by taking pictures that can be stored and used for future reference. Even if some members are not around at the initial stage, they will still have access to the ideas that were scribbled on the wall. All they need is connect to the internet and open the virtual files that have been created by the team. This enables members that are working remotely to give their opinion when others are planning an application program.

2. Making Presentations

Before a software is implemented, the developer that made it must present it to his peers. During the presentation session, the programmer has to break down to fine details of the application. This helps in making sure that all members are reading from the same page. There are times when the programmers have to elaborate their ideas in front of interested investors. Although such a presentation involves a lot of writing using marker pens, the task is not cumbersome because the wall is covered with dry erase coating. In fact, the software developers are able to explain every detail without being limited by space. And at the end of it their clothes are not stained by the ink of the pens.

3. Analyzing Software Models

The most productive programmers use dry erase walls to analyze various applications. Some of the applications are usually under incubation while others are already implemented. The analysis helps them identify flaws in existing systems. This prompts them to include extra features that make such systems perform much better. The advantage of dry erase walls is that they are very clear which makes reading easier.


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