5 Marketing Mistakes that Startups Should Avoid

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So, you have taken your ideas and put them together to complete the developing and creating phase of your startup business…so now what? What’s next? Is it time to toss your startup product out there to have it seen by the world? At this point is where many startup businesses fail.

There are thousands, possibly millions of dollars wasted in misguided marketing mistakes and budgets that lead to failure. As a new startup founder, you will need to wear several different hats within your organization to get your company up and running.

Just having a fantastic product is not always enough. You need to market your new startup in the best way possible. Marketing is the essence of every startup, but, it is not just a simple walk in the park. The truth is, most marketing errors are usually unavoidable, mostly in the early stages of the business.

While there is no guaranteed method to marketing success, there are, however, plenty of mistakes you can keep away from to better your chances of success. Understanding when and how to make investments in marketing for your startup is the main ingredient of your success.

In this post, Bradley Shaw from seoexpertbrad.com notes 5 of the most common mistakes startup business owners make in marketing—and how you can elude them.

1. Not Generating And Following A Marketing Plan

Every business needs a marketing plan. It is equally essential that you establish a marketing plan as it was when you created a business plan. A vast majority of new business owners have no idea what such a plan is so If you are not familiar with a marketing plan, you are certainly not alone.

A marketing plan is a map that entails how you will target customers and achieve the marketing goals set forth. It is a plan to covers the necessary marketing measures you plan to use.

The plan reveals when the strategy put in place is no longer working so you can make necessary changes. However, when business owners do not have a marketing plan, they tend to carelessly try every strategy out there hoping some magical result will occur.

Startup marketing does not work that way. You will need to decide if you are going to use Facebook Ads as well as establishing a plan to utilize SEO for your startup marketing plan.

What are the marketing goals you have in mind and how many customers do you wish to acquire within the first year? The answers to these questions are what your marketing plan should provide.

2. Choosing the Wrong Channels

Times have certainly changed when it comes to marketing. Now, there are many different avenues available when you are ready to launch your ideas. However, If you place all your eggs in one basket, then you may be sabotaging the entire effort of your marketing plan.

Startup businesses have a higher level of success when they apply their focus of its messaging to a precise target. If you establish an informative Buyer Persona for your idea clientele, you will know exactly where they hang around and what their interest is.

By utilizing these Buyer Personas, you can determine which channels are the best choice to target those particular customers. Choose the perfect avenues for them and provide meaningful content to appeal and engage these users.

3. Avoiding a Website

In today’s world, everything is going digital. Consumers rely on the internet to supply them the information they need as well as do their shopping online. That is why you must have a website if you own a business; any size business.

As a business owner, you stand to lose a large sum of business to your competitor that does have a website. Other than lost sales, your site Is usually a direct line of communication between you and consumers.

Having a website is no longer a considerable expense to businesses. Nor is the update services that you will need to stay up-to-date. Do yourself and your business a favor, get a website now with a company like mine to handle all your marketing and website needs.

I guarantee you will stay on top of search engines. It is time you join others who are receiving more on their ROI than expected.

4. Not Employing an SEO Strategy

Just having a website is not enough. Google is significantly more prone to rank your site higher on related queries if you are utilizing the appropriate SEO strategies.

Such strategies include incorporating keywords into your titles, descriptions,  and content. Employing a specific SEO strategy will turn more eyeballs to your site in a shorter amount of time, guaranteed. Remember the old saying, “if you do not measure–it did not happen,” the same logic applies to your websites production.

You need numbers that tell you how your site is producing. That is just one piece of what having a professional SEO business handle your SEO strategy. If you do everything people say you should do and not check your online statistics for productivity, you will slowly kill your startup.

You heard that supplying a forum to answer questions on a particle website could boost your site for your startup, so you did that. Then you heard that publishing on LinkedIn could help your startup, so you did that as well. Next, it was Facebook, do you see how you are chasing leads with little success?

Relying on every available marketing strategy without determining its effectiveness for your startup will get you nowhere. That is why you need a firm that will test, track and make constant improvements for every aspect of your marketing. That is the only way to market your startup successfully.

5. Advertising to the Wrong Audience

If you are trying to handle your online marketing yourself and you do not understand your audience, chances are they will not comprehend what you are trying to say. You have to have the right marketing channels to reach the audience that will connect with your brand.

If you place all your focus only on a single channel, it will reduce your existence to other audiences that find your service and products useful. To put it in simple terms, you need online marketing professionals that will incorporate the avenues that will most likely get you more return on your investment.


Marketing is hard work, period. Establishing your startup is also hard work, especially if you are trying to operate your business and build your brand online as well.

Recognizing the mistakes mentioned in this post are entirely preventable. However, the last thing you want is to carelessly make so many errors that you find yourself struggling to stay afloat. It does not have to be this way.

Hiring me to create and disperse your budgeted amount for your marketing will take all the pressure off of you so that you can focus on operating your startup business. Isn’t that what you are trained to do?

Call Brad today and let him get your company where you want it to be, in the winner’s bracket. No more worry over marketing mistakes. I look forward to working with you and watching you and your business succeed. I am ready, how about you?

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