8 Key Features to Look for in the Best Acrobat Alternative

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Creating PDFs are an incredibly important component to modern business, but the format comes with it’s obvious drawbacks–the most obvious of which is that you can’t typically edit or modify the contents easily once it’s in a PDF file. There are quite a few PDF editors out there, but they work to varying degrees. Not all programs function the same in terms of stability, speed, and quality of tasks available. Let’s look at one of the better PDF editors–PDFelement 6 Pro, which has managed to eliminate pretty much all of the disadvantages and gets excellent ratings from independent experts.

PDFelement 6 Pro is the ultimate solution when it comes to handling PDF files. It has all the vital PDF functions that you require to edit, convert, secure and import or export from PDF documents. The program also supports OCR (optical character recognition) and it turns scanned PDFs into fully editable and modifiable files. After connecting the plug-in OCR (downloaded independently from the settings menu or the official website), you can use the software at your will.

Now let’s take a look how it works well.

1. Converting PDF Documents

With PDFelement 6, you can convert PDF documents to formats such as PPT and DOC, simply and quickly. You can conver PDFs in over 300 different formats of documents and images, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, EPUB, HWP, HWPX, Image (JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more specific graphics file formats), other text documents and many more. After conversion, documents are fully compatible with Adobe Reader, Acrobat, and other relevant viewers.


2. Editing the Content

With the editor, you have the ability to modify text and content. The process of adding, deleting and changing text in PDFelement is no different from other editors working with formats like DOC, RTF, and the like. The editor supports changes to the choice of font, size, text color and background, and it can work with your clipboard. In addition to text, the user can modify the graphical content of the document.

4. Merging Multiple Files of Different Formats into a Single PDF

The editor allows you to select, arrange, and paste together data from multiple files of different formats into one PDF.


5. Removing of Pages

The program makes it easy to remove pages when editing is implemented in the navigation window of the “Page.” You can modify and immediately remove unnecessary ones.

6. Protecting PDF with a Password

Setting the password allows you to securely share documents with sensitive information over open channels. In addition to the password, PDFelement allows you to fine-tune permissions for each document. If desired, you can prohibit copying, editing, printing, and extracting content.


7. Creating Templates and Forms

PDFelement offers a simple and convenient method of integration into file input fields, buttons, check boxes, list boxes (including pop-ups) and other relevant elements. In addition, users have access to a large library of templates and forms.


8. Signing with Digital Signature

PDFelement offers a convenient and reliable method to control and confirm the integrity of the document content, including authorship.


Plug – in OCR.

Modern OCR technology (optical character recognition) converts scanned material into fully editable documents that you can search, edit, format, resize, text.

  • Create fillable PDF forms
  • Recognize text from scanned image PDF files.
  • Search text within the scanned PDF files.
  • Copy text and images from scanned PDF files.
  • Edit scanned PDF files with PDFelement.
  • OCR has the support of several languages: Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

In addition to the above features in PDFelement Pro 6 implemented, the developers are constantly improving the product and adding new features. Recent additions the following functions:

– Better Form Recognition and Batch Data Extraction

– Reading and filling of PDF forms based on XFA.

– Advanced editing on graphical objects, such as rotation, mirroring, cropping, etc.

– Adding attachments to PDF files.

– Support for multi-layer screen and drag.

PDFelement Pro is definitely a powerful program for working with PDF documents; it has an intuitive interface, nice modern design, and, despite the large number of functions, it looks neat and simple. If you’re looking for a powerful PDF editor, this is what you need. PDFelement Pro is for professionals and ordinary users alike, good for large organizations and private users.

PDFelement 6 has two versions. In the standard version includes the basic features whereas the professional version includes everything. In particular, the basic version doesn’t include some of the editing features. Read here for more detail about the comparison on the two version of PDFelement 6.

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