Assignments & Quizzes

Business, Technical, and Scientific Communication Assignment Descriptions
Code of Ethics Analysis
Daily Dose of Science
Fact Sheet
Field Map
Group Usability Report
Instruction Set
Job Application
Occupational Investigation Letter
Popular Science Journalism Article
Routine Business Communication
Scientific Poster Presentation
Scientific Paper Manuscript

Composition Sample Assignment Descriptions

Grammar Spotlight
Visual Analysis Essay
Writing about the World: Observation and Reflection
Writing to the World: Analysis and Persuasion
Writing to Succeed in the World

Visual Communication and Document Design Sample Assignment Descriptions
Children’s Book (Applying Design Theory)
Information Booklet & Presentation
Instruction Set
Metaphor Log & Poster
Monetized Blog (Web Design)
Photo WebLog
Reading Tasks (Web Design)
Visual Analysis Essay
Visual Communication Book Review & Presentation
Visual Communication Position Paper
Visual Effects Poster (publication design)
Visual Identity Document Suite
Visual Reflective Analysis (information design)
Website Inspection Report
Website Launch and Site Management Instructions

Visual Literacy Quiz
Grammar and Punctuation Quiz