Join a conversation! There’s all kinds of cool stuff happening in visual communication, so let’s get the discussion started, and keep it rolling! Currently, I’ve got three threads: Topic of the Weekand Issues in Visual Communication and Quick Reviews.

In the Topic of the Week forum, I’ll post a new topic to discuss every week, with a few conversation starters to get rolling (mostly, stuff that’s on my mind).

In Issues in Visual Communication, it’s an open forum. Tell me what you’re thinking about, what you’re learning, what bothers you, whatever you want. Let’s generate a discussion about the things that matter to you.

For the Quick Reviews forum, I want to hear about what you’re reading and what you’re using. Let’s spread the word about books on visual communication (including graphic design, information design, wayfinding, visual rhetoric, and so forth). Give us a quick synopsis of what you liked, what you didn’t like, and if you recommend it. Also, please spread the word about videos, websites, and software you are watching and using.