Hi, there! I’m Curtis Newbold, owner of this website and the guy you’d be hiring should I have the skills you’re looking for. I’ve been doing professional communication work for the past fifteen years and teaching at the university level for twelve. I do a variety of things, from teaching corporate workshops to designing infographics. Here is a shortlist of some of the things I can do for you:




+Conduct on-site corporate workshops and trainings on diverse communication topics
+Give presentations on anything from PowerPoint design to punctuation to persuasion
+Design informative infographics about complex topics
+(Re)design stale documents such as white papers, reports, and fact sheets to engage and enhance
+Refresh and enhance branding through consistent company media
+ Create handouts for internal or external use
+Revise and rewrite important documents
+Review and advise on a variety of communication products

If you have something you could use my help with, please contact me through this form:

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