1. Five Hat Racks (LATCH)
Know the most effective way(s) to organize your information (there are only five): by location/space, by alphabet, by time/chronology, by category, or by hierarchy.

2. Hierarchy
Know the hierarchy of importance of your information. Give visual cues to guide your audience through the most important information to the least important information.

3. Satisfice-ability
Organize document so that a person can scan information quickly and in sections. Recognize that people rarely read entire documents—they scan and satisfice.

4. Rule of Thirds
To increase visual interest, divide your document into nine equal segments of space (in thirds both horizontally and vertically) and place most important or interesting details on the intersections where invisible lines divide the segments.

5. Bleeds
To increase aesthetic interest and reduce visual noise, move the edges of some objects and images off the edges of the page.