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NBA Salaryscape 2014: Which Schools produce the most and highest paid NBA playersNBA Salaryscape 2014: Which Schools Produce the Most and Highest-paid NBA Players?
How Much Americans Know about TechnologyMillions of Americans Think HTML is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (and other proof we don’t know that much about technology)
How women perceive men with beardsHow Women Perceive Men with Beards
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The value of a college degree. Is a college degree worth it?The Value of a College Degree according to Pew Research
Visual Rhetoric InfographicWhat is Visual Rhetoric?
What we think about people according to Google Autocomplete. Infographic.What We Think about People according to Google Autocomplete (Infographic)
McDonald's versus The Cheesecake Factory InfographicMcDonald’s Vs. The Cheesecake Factory: Calorie Comparison (Infographic)