How to Use Exclamation Marks


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Exclamation marks (or, exclamation “points”) are good for occasionally adding emotion or emphasis to your writing. Strong writers can often use appropriate sentence complexity and variety, sentence length, diction, and details in order to show emotion without the use of exclamation points, which is recommended. You don’t typically want to use more than one exclamation point in any given document, so choose wisely when (if ever) to use these marks. They’re far overused in our writing today. See if you can make your writing more sophisticated and learn other methods to add emphasis.

Exclamation mark difficulty ranking: 12/14 (really easy to master)
Exclamation marks don’t have a lot of use, other than to show excitement, emphasis, or anger. The only real area where people go wrong with these is when they put too many in a document or they put more than one in a row. Avoid these tacky writing gimmicks to become a more sophisticated writer.