How to Use Quotation Marks


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Quotation marks are primarily used to show that you are citing someone else’s words verbatim. They’re also good to indicate sarcasm or to simply talk about a word as a word. But quotation marks are also used to indicate a short media piece (like a song, book chapter, TV episode, or article.) Although there’s only five ways to use quotation marks, they are misused quite often.

Quotation Mark difficulty ranking: 5/14 (somewhat difficult to master)
With only five ways to use quotation marks, it seems like quotation marks would be easier to use than they are. Be sure to not use quotation marks unless you are quoting someone verbatim. Otherwise, the words in quotes can appear to be sarcastic (if you see a sign at a store, for example, that says “fresh” bread, the quotation marks actually communicate that the bread is anything but fresh!) And if you are talking about word as a word, use quotation marks to clarify.