How to Use Semicolons


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Semicolons have been jokingly named “the most feared punctuation mark” in our language. The reality, though, is that if you take the time to learn how to use them, you’ll recognize that there’s only three uses for semicolons, all of which are fairly simple to master. Semicolons are actually quite simple and they do wonders for creating sentence complexity and variety. Semicolons link thoughts together, giving a nice rhythm to reading that periods don’t (periods can make writing seem choppy if used with too many simple sentences.) Learn your semicolon uses to become much more sophisticated writer in a hurry.

Semicolon difficulty ranking: 10/14 (pretty easy to master!)
Don’t fear the semicolon. Learn the three basic rules and then apply them in your writing frequently. Nothing will show you know how to write well quicker than appropriate use of the semicolon!