The World’s 18 Most Widely Read Books

Ever wanted to know how Harry Potter stacks up against the Bible, in terms of distribution and language translation? Sorry, Potter fans, you’ve got a ways to go to catch up with The Good Book. But Harry did make the list of most translated books in the world: Harry Potter is wedged right there between Pippi Longstocking and The Book of Mormon.

Religious texts have the greatest readership and distribution, with the Holy Bible, Quran, Book of Mormon, and Steps to Christ dominating the lists. If you look at the note at the bottom of the infographic, you can see that Jehovah’s Witness texts are also widely translated and distributed across the world. The rest of the books on the Most Widely Read list? Oh, just some old novels you’ve probably heard a thing or two about.

World's Most Widely Read Books

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    So where is the list of books?

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      Sometimes the graphics can appear small on a monitor. Be sure to click the graphic and zoom in. THanks for the feedback!

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